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The Global Distribution for Central Asia Petroleum & Gas Co., Ltd

+ China


+ Canada

Area: 480 square kilometers
Well number: 10
Daily output: 600 barrels/day (raised to 2,000 barrels equivalent of oil after EOR) Status: EOR

+ Mexico

Belize oilfield
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Status: Exploration and development

+ the Republic of Gabon

Area: 3,701 square kilometers
Well number: 3
Status: Exploration and development

+ Russia

Kaliningrad block in Russia
Area: 12.7 square kilometers
Well number: 8
Reserves: 255,000 tonnes
Status: EOR
Annual output: 65,800 barrels/year

+ Kazakhstan

Aktobe area in Kazakhstan:
Area: 31.2 square kilometers
Well number: 84
Status: Merger and Acquisition
Annual output: 1,430,800 barrels/year

Mangystau Province, Kazakhstan:
Area: 40 square kilometers
Well number: 50
Status: Merger and Acquisition
Annual output: 255,500 barrels/year

+ Kyrgyzstan

Marley Su oilfield in Kyrgyzstan:
CAPEIC cooperated with state oil company of Kyrgyzstan to exploit Marley Su oilfield in 2014. The work is well under way currently.

+ Iraq

CAPEIC contracted multiple operations, such as gathering and transportation for oil field united stations, oil-gas-water and natural gas processing, petroleum production engineering, double fuel power generation and supply, equipment maintenance,Distribution and sales information management system for petroleum products.

+ Turkmenistan

Power generation and supply project for Amu Darya River in Turkmenistan:
CAPEIC contracted the power supply project in 2010.

+ Indonesia

Sumatra Mahato oilfield in Indonesia:
Well number: 25
Status: M&A, EOR,associated petroleum gas power generation


Dubai branch

+ Afghanistan

Afghanistan Office

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