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HSE Principle

First person responsible Whole staff participation
Prevention as primary People oriented

HSE Philosophy

HSE philosophy: Xinjiang Central Asia Petroleum & Gas Co., Ltd consider HSE to be the core value of the company. H(Health) refers to a state in which people are free from physical diseases and are mentally sound. S(Safety) means that people, during the production process, try to improve labor conditions and overcome insecurity factors, so that labor production would run smoothly, on the premise that laborer’s health assured, enterprise properties undamaged, workers’ lives guaranteed. E(Environment) is the aggregation of various natural forces and functions, which are closely related to mankind, or produce some impact on human life and on production activities. It’s not only the mix of various natural factors, it’s also the combination of ecological relationship between human and nature. As the management on health, safety and environment are interwoven throughout actual work, so it’s out of necessity for modern oil and gas enterprises to integrate health, safety and environment into a system.

HSE Management System

HSE management system: Xinjiang Central Asia Petroleum & Gas Co., Ltd was founded in June 2000, and restructured from PetroChina(CNPC) Xinjiang Oilfield Company. Our primary business cover oil and gas field development and production management, intelligent systems of oilfield planning and construction, associated petroleum gas recovery and power supply.

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